Lighting Equipment Rentals

We maintain a vast inventory of rental equipment for those “do it yourselfer’s” and industry professionals that may require additional equipment for your production.

We rent to individuals and companies within the entertainment lighting industry such as churches, community theatres, schools, other production companies, and lighting designers.

We do our best to maintain the most up to date online item list and product information on our items available in our Rental Category Items on the left. Items listed do not reflect every item available in our inventory. Please call if you are searching for a particular item. This list does not include as well equipment used or available in our production inventory

Rental periods from one day to longer terms are available and our inventory includes everything from rigging, fixtures, cabling, effects and all the necessary peripherals that you may require.

Delivery and pick up to your location is available or you can pick it up and return it to our facility.

Rental Stipulations

  1. Rental rates are calculated on either a
    Three Day Rate (pick-up day, use day and return day)
    Weekly rate or Extended Rental Term rate.
  2. A detailed Quotation will be submitted for your review prior to confirmation of your rental order.
  3. All rentals are due back no later than 12:00 Noon on the scheduled return date.
  4. Delivery and Pick Up are available for an additional Charge
  5. Payment Terms are Net 30 days from Invoice on approved accounts. Customers without an approved account are COD.
  6. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
  7. Please reserve rental equipment in advance to allow for preparation.
  8. We reserve the right to bill for cancellations made without reasonable advance notice.
  9. Spare lamps are provided with rental fixtures at no additional charge, although dead lamps must be returned with the rental to avoid replacement costs.
  10. Tax Exempt customers must provide an original Tax Exemption Certificate to be placed in our office files.
  11. A Certificate of Insurance is required on certain Rental Equipment. A Security Deposit may also be required for customers that are not on account.
  12. To receive a quotation on your next rental please contact us and we will be happy to submit a detailed quotation for your review.

Softgood Items

Partech Lighting Systems does NOT RENT Softgood items such as draperies, cycloramas, and spandex “sails”. We only use these products within our own productions where our technicians can properly handle them. If you are interested in renting softgoods please contact Rose Brand Rentals directly:

Rose Brand Rentals

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