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At Partech Lighting Systems, we offer a wide range of local and touring services for events of all sizes. From corporate events to concerts, our team can provide you with the lighting, staging, and audio equipment you need to make your event a success. We offer a variety of rental packages tailored to your specific event needs and can create custom packages upon request.
Our technicians will arrive on-site to help you set up and ensure everything runs smoothly during your event. We will also provide technical support throughout the duration of your event, should any issues arise. We strive to deliver the highest quality services and products to our customers to ensure their events are a success. For more information on our local and touring services, contact us today!

Our local and touring services cover a wide area, including but not limited to:

Lighting: Spotlights, trusses, LED lights, lasers, and more

Visuals: Projectors, screens, and video walls

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